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Regarding Buffetaut, Lepage and Lepage's new Kimmeridgian pterosaur 
_Normannognathus_, Chris Kammerer (Jonkeria) wrote...

> Is this the "pterosaur predicted by the toy industry" or is that 
> just another strangely crested wonder yet to be described?

The latter is another new one - stay tuned. The 'pterosaur 
predicted by the toy industry' might perhaps have been better named 
'the pterosaur predicted by Hanna Barbera'. Frey and Martill spoke 
about it at a recent conference and, with Martill's permission, I can 
tell you that it looks like _Pteranodon_, but has teeth. I've seen it 
- it's an amazing animal, and with huge hyoids. Apparently it choked 
to death on a leaf.. I'm serious.