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Re: Silurian Bird (joke? please?)

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<<  It was published c. 1977 in the _Original Report of the Okamura
 Fossil Laboratory_ #13 -- no author, title, etc. are given, but it does say
 "This paper was reported at the 119th regular meeting of the Japanese
 Paleontological Society on June 18, 1977 at the Shizuoka University,
 Shizuoka Prefecture."  (If anyone's got a full citation, I'd greatly
 appreciate getting it!) >>

Okamura is a well-known Japanese crank. He has coined scientific names for
many "new" dinosaurs and other animals whose "fossils," generally millimeters
long, he has "discovered." These are said to be microscopic mineral deposits
that happen to look vaguely like animals, but he has assembled phylogenies of
these things and concocted a whole theory of evolution of large animals from
these microscopic inclusions.