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Q's and P's

Hey List Members,
Here's some more questions, and questions about plurals.
I would greatly apreciate any help you people can give me.
While writing one of my sci-fi, never-ending dinosaur-based stories of 
between 2-20 pages, I came upon a little problem...plurals...
Fooooor example:
would they be Compsognathi? Compsognathuses, compsognathus or something 
else when in the plural form?
what would the plural of Baryonyx, Dimetrodon, Parasaurolophus, 
and Alioramus be?

Also, I was wondering if there was another species of Alioramus besides
_Alioramus remotus_--I have a photograph of a skull that looks a bit 
different from the diagram in /The Dinosauria/...of course, it might not 
even be Alioramus...but I'm pretty sure I got the name correct on it...
Also I was wondering if anyone knows of any drawings, sketches, 
paintings, etc. of the following 'critters' online 
thankyou for your time. 
-Jessica Wagar,
Amatuer Paleontologist,
Professional teenager
FT's State-of-Confustion(C), USA
"Life is life and fun is fun, but it's so quiet when the goldfish die"- 
West With The Night

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