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Re: Q's and P's

At 02:04 PM 10/22/98 PDT, GOBI 2010 wrote:
>Hey List Members,
>Here's some more questions, and questions about plurals.
>I would greatly apreciate any help you people can give me.
>While writing one of my sci-fi, never-ending dinosaur-based stories of 
>between 2-20 pages, I came upon a little problem...plurals...
>Fooooor example:
>would they be Compsognathi? Compsognathuses, compsognathus or something 
>else when in the plural form?
>what would the plural of Baryonyx, Dimetrodon, Parasaurolophus, 
>and Alioramus be?

   For possible help, see "There are no plurals" in my Journal at

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