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T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous

Both the Daily Variety and New York Times film critics gave 
"T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous" very good reviews.  

"HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - The Imax process finds creatures
worthy of its size in ``T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous,'' a
sensory treat that makes sometimes eye-popping use of the 3-D
"While it spotlights that most famous and fear-inducing of
the giant reptiles, the Tyrannosaurus-rex, this is by no means a
film designed to scare or shock a la the ``Jurassic Park''
entries. All the same, some of the 3-D effects, which feature
beasts that seem to jump off the screen into one's face, are so
startling that kids under 6 or so will find the film too intense
to enjoy without anxiety."
"The effects are all terrific, and the experience of having a
T-rex baring her teeth at you in 3-D from a screen several
stories tall is so potent and lifelike that you hold your nose
for fear of smelling her breath."

(Warning:  spoiler in the Daily Variety review)