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Septic teeth

Somebody mentioned that carnivorous theropods (e.g. _Neovenator_) may 
have harbored infectious bacteria in the grooves (or "pits") of their 
teeth.  I think this has been reported for certain modern reptiles 
(like varanids), but I'm not sure.  

Anyway, I'm a little unclear of the advantage of this.  The predator 
bites the prey, punctures the skin of the victim, but the victim 
manages to escape.  Unfortunately for the victim, it now has disease-
causing bacteria swimming around in its bloodstream, and in a few 
days time the animal may succumb to the infection.  It may not die, 
but it's now weak and sickly.  Is the predator, meanwhile, following 
the victim (or the herd to which it belongs) around, waiting for the 
wounded animal to weaken so it can chase it down without any trouble?