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J.P. - Chaos Effect


    Those of you who have wondered what more can be done to confuse people
about dinosaurs should check out the toy section of your local stores.
There is a line of toys based on Jurassic Park called "Jurassic Park: Chaos
Effect".  (I'm sure that someone on the list will point out to me that these
toys have been around for 6-11 months - but _I_ just noticed them).  The
idea is that the genetic engineers were not satisfied with performing the
impossible by recreating dinosaurs from DNA found in mosquitos preserved in
amber, they decided to MIX the DNA with other dinosaurs and other extinct
and existing animals.

    One I saw was called "Paradeinonychus" -  a cross between
_Parasaurolophus_ and _Deinonychus_ - It had the head of the _P._ and the
body, claws, and teeth of _D._.  There was another (I've forgotten the name)
that was a cross between _T. rex_ and a saber-tooth 'tiger' (yes, they put
tiger stripes on it!).  It looked like a saber-cat with a _T. rex_ head, and
a pair of saber teeth.  Finally, there was one they called "Ultimasaurus" -
which appeared to be a _T. rex_ with _Triceratops_ frill and horns, and I
think that it had _Deinonychus_ claws.  (It may have had more parts from
other animals, but I was too dazed to continue!:-).

    Oh well, more stuff to explain away.

            Allan Edels