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Re: Septic teeth

On Fri, 23 Oct 1998 13:20:57 -0500 TWILLIAMS writes:
>Somebody mentioned that carnivorous theropods (e.g. _Neovenator_) may 
>have harbored infectious bacteria in the grooves (or "pits") of their 
teeth.  I think this >has been reported for certain modern reptiles (like
varanids), but I'm not sure.  
> Is the predator, meanwhile, following the victim (or the herd to which
it belongs) >around, waiting for the wounded animal to weaken so it can
chase it down without >any trouble?

Not all varanids have bacteria filled mouths, but several do  (indeed, it
is not only varanids which have this characteristic).  Komodo lizards are
notorious for this, and exhibit exactly the behavior outlined.  Many
times of course, they can kill their prey outright, withouthaving to wait
for the prey to succum to infection; but they have a keen sense of smell,
and have been know to track down a prey animal over long distances and
after following it for days.

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