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Paleoartisans Web Site

Hi All -

        Don't have enough dinosaur (and other paleontological) t-shirts and
sweatshirts in your closet?  Well, now there's a solution to your problem! 
My friends Beverly Eschberger and Geoff Habiger, owners and operators of
Paleoartisans, now have a web site for their wares.  Many of you will have
seen their display/sales table at past SVP and ofest meetings, but now you
can see their stuff any time you like!  (I might also mention that they're
open to new t-shirt designs, so if you've got a drawing or idea, let them
know!)  Here's their official announcement:

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At long last, the Paleoartisans website is up and running!  Beverly 
is still working on it, adding in more designs and information, and 
tweaking the graphics.  

The "Hot Paleo/Dinosaurs Links" page is still under construction; so, if 
you have a website you would like for us to include, or know of someone 
who has some great paleo information on-line, please send it to us, now 
or whenever you find it.  We hope this website will be dynamic, and able 
to reflect the changing information of paleontology on the web.

Please explore our website at:  


Be sure to tell your friends and colleagues about us, too!  We hope 
to have a redirect server working soon, which will give us a much 
shorter address.

The website will be changing significantly as Beverly adds more pages 
and more information in the next few weeks, so be sure to bookmark 
us, and come back to visit often!  Be sure to sign our guestbook, 
and tell us what you think.  You can also suggest new animals for 
us to add to our already copious selction!

Many thanks for your patience, and for your patronage for all these 
years!  Our friends and colleagues in paleo (and those strange people we 
know who don't study dead animals! :-)  ) have kept us going with this 
little venture.  We appreciate your interest and support in our designs.

We hope to hear from you all, once a year at SVP isn't enough!
Beverly Eschberger
Geoff Habiger

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