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Re: Paleoartisans Web Site

I'm sure y'all meant to type:


"Jerry D. Harris" wrote:

> Hi All -
>         Don't have enough dinosaur (and other paleontological) t-shirts and
> sweatshirts in your closet?  Well, now there's a solution to your problem!
> My friends Beverly Eschberger and Geoff Habiger, owners and operators of
> Paleoartisans, now have a web site for their wares.  Many of you will have
> seen their display/sales table at past SVP and ofest meetings, but now you
> can see their stuff any time you like!  (I might also mention that they're
> open to new t-shirt designs, so if you've got a drawing or idea, let them
> know!)  Here's their official announcement:
> -------------------- Begin Forwarded Message --------------------
> At long last, the Paleoartisans website is up and running!  Beverly
> is still working on it, adding in more designs and information, and
> tweaking the graphics.
> The "Hot Paleo/Dinosaurs Links" page is still under construction; so, if
> you have a website you would like for us to include, or know of someone
> who has some great paleo information on-line, please send it to us, now
> or whenever you find it.  We hope this website will be dynamic, and able
> to reflect the changing information of paleontology on the web.
> Please explore our website at:
> http://members.tripod.com/~paleoartisans.index.htm
> Be sure to tell your friends and colleagues about us, too!  We hope
> to have a redirect server working soon, which will give us a much
> shorter address.
> The website will be changing significantly as Beverly adds more pages
> and more information in the next few weeks, so be sure to bookmark
> us, and come back to visit often!  Be sure to sign our guestbook,
> and tell us what you think.  You can also suggest new animals for
> us to add to our already copious selction!
> Many thanks for your patience, and for your patronage for all these
> years!  Our friends and colleagues in paleo (and those strange people we
> know who don't study dead animals! :-)  ) have kept us going with this
> little venture.  We appreciate your interest and support in our designs.
> We hope to hear from you all, once a year at SVP isn't enough!
> Beverly Eschberger
> Geoff Habiger
> Paleoartisans
> -------------------- End Forwarded Message --------------------

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