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Re: Paleoartisans Web Site

Jerry D. Harris wrote:
> Hi All -
>         Don't have enough dinosaur (and other paleontological) t-shirts and
> sweatshirts in your closet?  Well, now there's a solution to your problem!
> My friends Beverly Eschberger and Geoff Habiger, owners and operators of
> Paleoartisans, now have a web site for their wares.  Many of you will have
> seen their display/sales table at past SVP and ofest meetings, but now you
> can see their stuff any time you like!  (I might also mention that they're
> open to new t-shirt designs, so if you've got a drawing or idea, let them
> know!)  Here's their official announcement:

Well, I went to check it out. The dinosaur skeletons are unquie being in
black, but no offense, they need to get with the times. The Deinonychus
has the old pubis on it, the one that's a coracoid, and drawings are
from mounted skeletons. Orginal poses and accurate drawings should go
farther (but with what the public knows, maybe not). Whats with the 3
joints with the T. rex arm?

no offense, but it could be better.