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Re: galloping sauropods?

I've seen galloping giraffes but what strikes me is that no galloping
animals I can think of have tails comparable to those of sauropods.  Seems
those tails combined with the necks would make galloping quite awkward,
although I'm sure there are other and better reasons against the notion.

> From: Christopher Srnka <theclaw@sprintmail.com>
> To: List Dinosaur <dinosaur@usc.edu>
> Subject: galloping sauropods?
> Date: Saturday, October 24, 1998 2:30 PM
> I've seen some depictions of Brachiosaurs in a giraffe-like gallop, and
> some drawings of galloping ceratopsians, but no art showing a gallop/run
> for any other type of sauropod. Is there any reason for this, or did I
> miss some galloping sauropod pictures somewhere? Is there any
> physiological objection to galloping/running sauropods? I've read a
> little bit about the locomotion of the large dinosaurian quadrapeds, but
> most seem to focus on the ceratopsians.
> -Chris Srnka