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Re: Iguanodon

In a message dated 10/24/98 7:31:09 PM EST, gobi2010@hotmail.com writes:

<< Also, while looking at the next page of the dinosauria (pg 513) I saw a 
 drawing of "iguanodon" orientalis..
 (I think I have a picture of it in another book somewhere) and was 
 wondering if the shape of the bones in the nose, premaxilla and front of 
 the upper jaw, and was wondering if that's a case of sexual dimorphisum 
 (I think that's the right word, even if it's the wrong spelling...ie: 
 males looking different from females)? >>

This skull is now referred to the genus _Altirhinus_, so it's not an
_Iguanodon_ anymore.