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Re: J.P. - Chaos Effect

Allan Edels wrote:

<One I saw was called "Paradeinonychus" -  a cross between
_Parasaurolophus_ and _Deinonychus_>


<There was another (I've forgotten the name) that was a cross between
_T. rex_ and a saber-tooth 'tiger' (yes, they put tiger stripes on


<Finally, there was one they called "Ultimasaurus" - which appeared to
be a _T. rex_ with _Triceratops_ frill and horns, and I think that it
had _Deinonychus_ claws.>

  Try "Velocirapteryx" if you can, a cross between ... well, I think
we're all intelligent enough to glean what the name refers to?

Jaime A. Headden

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