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Re: Zallinger Mural

It can be found in various forms at: http://www.peabody.yale.edu/mural/  .
I don't know if this is entirely adequate!


--Original Message-- From: John M. Dollan <dollan@cyberport.net>Date: 25
October 1998 21:32

>Hello all...
>Can anyone tell me if there is a site out there where the entire
>Zallinger Mural is available?  I realize that, if it is any good, this
>would be a very large file indeed, but I much prefer that to one that
>has been sectioned up.
>And to alleviate any fears, this is for my own enjoyment, not for
>publication on a web page or any sort of reproduction for profit.
>Best regards....
>John M. Dollan
>Montana State University - Northern
>Graduate Assistant
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