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Re: Zallinger Mural

John M. Dollan <dollan@cyberport.net> writes:
> Can anyone tell me if there is a site out there where the entire
> Zallinger Mural is available?  I realize that, if it is any good, this
> would be a very large file indeed, but I much prefer that to one that
> has been sectioned up.

You will find good coverage of Zallinger's "The Age of Reptiles" mural at
the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University web site at
<www.peabody.yale.edu>.  There is a complete image of the mural, which is
small due to the panoramic aspect ratio of the mural.  (It won't take long
to download, but if you mean to blow it up to poster size, the resolution
will not hold up).  After you click on this image, you will be directed to
a succession of pages devoted to each geologic time period depicted.  Each
page features an "enlarged" section of the mural, with "in-between-bits"
missing, and these section images have red rectangles outlining specific
plants and animals which you can click on for further information.

On the other hand, you can buy a 6-foot-wide "Age of Reptiles" print
through the web site for $7.50 or a deluxe 9-foot-wide poster for $15.00,
in addition to various other "Age of Reptiles" postcards, posters, and

The site also provides the schedule for the display of feathered dinosaurs
from China (February 12 - May 2, 1999), as well as some information on the
star-studded Ostrom International Symposium, which will take place on
February 13-14, 1999.  You will note that the speakers will include the
usual handful of outspoken critics as well as a good many scientists who (I
presume) basically agree with the opinions of Currie, Ji, et al. concerning
the nature and significance of the Chinese feathered dinosaurs.  The
proceedings are due for release in the fall of 1999.

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com