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Dinosaur TV Week

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Here are some highlights of U.S. national television programming
concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals and evolution, from
high art to low trash and back again, all times Eastern (confirm with
local listings):

Tuesday, October 27

TRAVEL Channel, 1:30pm
Appalachian Stories
"Gatlinburg, Tennessee"
Includes a look at fossils found there.

Sunday, November 1

FOX-TV (a "network"), 7:00pm
The Lost World -- Jurassic Park
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss three big hours goodbye.  Small
independant film about dinosaurs found on another island off the coast
of Costa Rica.  Some of the things in this movie are as dumb as
anything you'll experience in your lifetime, but it can still be fun
if you check your brain at the door (or if you want to leave your
brain in and give the movie the MST3K treatment), and certainly more
watchable than the cynical collection of set-pieces that was its
predecessor.  The extreme length may be due to huge wads of
commercials, or previously unseen footage (the only reason you'd want
to watch it on TV), or both.  Dunno.

Now goeth unto the world and see the majesty that is dinosaurs badly
portrayed on TV --


"Nothing is ever what it seems but everything is exactly what it is." 


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