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Living Dinosaurs (Jurassic Park and Lost World)

see the majesty that is dinosaurs badly
portrayed on TV --

I have always wanted to see dinosaurs as living animals, and sometimes,
watching this movie and especially Jurassic Park, I almost could.  They are
not monsters and not even 'majestic' with its connotations of pomp; dinosaurs
are the dominant fauna of an alien world.
Remember the scene in Jurassic Park where a herd of small dinosaurs runs past
and the cast hides behind a stump?  The tyrannosaur shows up.  (By the way, I
thought the scariest thing in that movie was the jeep up a tree.)
As shown in a documentary about JP, the motions of the herd were prepared from
films of the computer animators themselves jumping over a bench.  You could
tell the dinosaurs were not professional steeplechasers.
I also enjoyed learning how that effect of the liquid rippling in the glass
was achieved; a technician got under camera range and banged away with a
I think the movie was largely attentive to what fascinates most people about
dinosaurs, concentrating on awe, but I also think that sometimes the
paleontologist was correctly shown as a guide to a different world.