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New taxa from the Lower-to-mid K volume


I haven't seen these particulars mentioned on the list in the post-SVP days,
so maybe people missed them.  Some of these names have been floating around
for a while: they are now official.

The following are new dinosaurian taxa from the volume:

Lucas, S.G., J.I. Kirkland & J.W. Estep.  1998.  Lower and Middle Cretaceous
Terrestrial Ecosystems.  New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Bulletin 14.

_Eobrontosaurus_ Bakker 1998.  New generic name for "_Apatosaurus"
yahnahpin_ Filla and Redman 1994.  Bakker considers _Eobrontosaurus_ an
apatosaurine diplodocid, and the sister taxon to a _Brontosaurus_ -
_Apatosaurus_ clade.

Bakker, R.T.  1998.  Dinosaur mid-life crisis: the Jurassic-Cretaceous
transition in Wyoming and Colorado.  pp. 67-77.
(In this paper Bakker also names the new species of allodontid mammal
_Ctenacodon brentbaatar_, the new turtle species _Dorsetochelys buzzops_,
suggests camptosaurs and dryosaurids form their own family (Camptosauridae),
and that YPM 1887, a skull referred to _Camptosaurus amplus_, is instead
that of a Morrison iguanodontid.)

_Nedcolbertia justinhofmanni_ Kirkland, Britt, Whittle, Madsen et Burge
1998.  _Nedcolbertia_ is a primitive coelurosaur, approximately
"_Ornithlestes_-grade".  The so-called "_Ornithomimus_" specimen from the
Cloverly (mentioned in Ostrom's 1970 monograph of the Cloverly Formation,
clearly not an ornithomimosaur) and the unofficially named "Arkansaurus" may
be relatives.

Kirkland, J.I., B.B. Britt, C.H. Whittle, S.K. Madsen & D.L. Burge.  1998.
A small coelurosaurian theropod from the Yellow Cat Member of the Cedar
Mountain Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Barremian) of Eastern Utah.  pp. 239-248.

_Gastonia burgei_ Kirkland 1998.  At long last, a glimpse at what
polacanthine ankylosaurids look like in detail.  Pretty cool.  The mount of
_Gastonia_ at SVP was most interesting.

Kirkland, J.I.  1998.  A polacanthine ankylosaur (Ornithischia: Dinosauria)
from the Early Cretaceous (Barremian) of eastern Utah. pp. 271-281.

_Eolambia caroljonesa_ Kirkland 1998.  The most primitive known
lambeosaurine hadrosaurid, from the earliest Late Cretaceous of North
America.  Previously informally known as "Eohadrosaurus", before its
lambeosaurine nature was recognized.

Kirkland, J.I.  1998.  A new hadrosaurid from the Upper Cedar Mountain
Formation (Albian-Cenomanian: Cretaceous) of Eastern Utah - the oldest known
hadrosaurid (lambeosaurine?). pp. 283-295.

_Zuniceratops christopheri_ Wolfe et Kirkland 1998.  _Zuniceratops_, based
on Wolfe and Kirkland's analysis, is the sister taxon to a group comprised
of Asian _Turanoceratops_ and Ceratopsidae proper, and the most primitive
member of a new taxon which Wolfe and Kirkland name Ceratopsomorpha.

Wolfe, D.G. & J.I. Kirkland. 1998.  _Zuniceratops christopheri_ n. gen & n.
sp., a ceratopsian dinosaur from the Moreno Hill Formation (Cretaceous,
Turonian) of west-central New Mexico. pp. 303-317.

There are lots of other good papers in here, reviewing dinosaur
distributions, footprints, stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous, etc.  For
ankylosaur fans, Carpenter and Kirkland's paper on Lower and middle
Cretaceous ankylosaurs of North America is a MUST: details and photographs
are given for _Nodosaurus_, _Pawpawsaurus_, _Priconodon_, _Sauropelta_,
_Silvisaurus_, _Stegopelta_, _Texasetes_, an as-yet unnamed nodosaurid from
the upper Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain Fm., _Hoplitosaurus_
(distinct from _Polacanthus_: also included, information on _Polacanthus_'
non-tail club), an unnamed _Shamosaurus_-like ankylosaurid from Utah, and
the trackgenus _Tetrapodosaurus_.


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