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Paleoartisans Web Site

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Thanks for all the congratualatory messages on our new web site!

A few people have told me that they are having difficulty in accessing 
the site.  Be sure that you are typing in the address exactly as shown
Using www. will not work.  If you are still having trouble, let me know, 
and I'll try to find out why it is not working.

There are a few pages which I have not had time to upload onto the site 
yet; so if you get an error message on a link, that is probably one of 
the pages that has not been loaded in yet.  So, check back to see our 
web site growing and changing.

Thanks to everyone who has suggested their sites as links!  There have 
been a lot of them, so the Hot Paleo/Dinosaur Links page is still under 
construction as I try to check out all the sites that have been 

Thanks again!


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