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Hello all,

I have recently finished the book  "The Horned Dinosaurs"(by Dodson).  I
have a couple of questions.

First... has there been any Styracosaurus skull and Monoclonius skull found
in the same bone bed?  The idea of them being of male and female sounds
good. I was also looking on the net and found a very nice picture that
depicts the two together.

Secondly... what is the decision on the stance of ceratopsians?  I believe
that they were not sprawled. I know that there has been some work done with
forelimbs and how they moved.  But i rembered back in a video that I have,
where... I dont rember the name, but he is from Alabama found a articulated
Triceratops in North Dakota... named Raymond.  This specimen had the scapula
in the correct position.  Has there been any papers on this?



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