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Re: New taxa from the Lower-to-mid K volume

> For
> ankylosaur fans, Carpenter and Kirkland's paper on Lower and middle
> Cretaceous ankylosaurs of North America is a MUST: details and photographs
> are given for _Nodosaurus_, _Pawpawsaurus_, _Priconodon_, _Sauropelta_,
> _Silvisaurus_, _Stegopelta_, _Texasetes_, an as-yet unnamed nodosaurid from
> the upper Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain Fm.

Judging from another of the papers in the same volume, the name 
proposed for this one is "Anamantarx ramaljonesi".  There also 
appears another ankylosaurian nomen dubium - "Nodocephalosaurus 
kirtlandi", from later in the Cretaceous.

>, _Hoplitosaurus_
> (distinct from _Polacanthus_: also included, information on _Polacanthus_'
> non-tail club), an unnamed _Shamosaurus_-like ankylosaurid from Utah, and
> the trackgenus _Tetrapodosaurus_.