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Re: New taxa from the Lower-to-mid K volume

> >
> >Judging from another of the papers in the same volume, the name 
> >proposed for this one is "Anamantarx ramaljonesi".  There also 
> >appears another ankylosaurian nomen dubium - "Nodocephalosaurus 
> >kirtlandi", from later in the Cretaceous.
> I was REALLY HOPING to avoid having people post nomina dubia from this
> volume.  Just wait the few friggin' more months and THEN start using the 
> names.

Jeez, I sort of wondered - if these names are so off-limits, why are 
they published in the first place?  Happens all the time.  Nothing to 
get hot and bothered about, surely.

And George is right: the proper term is nomina nuda.

> > 
> > And for those who do start putting the names in all their databases,
> > recognize that these names could very well change before publication (e.g.,
> > "Nedcolbertia whittlei" becoming _Nedcolbertia justinhoffmani_).
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