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Re: Tonight show Zuniceratops

    I saw the segment as well.  Was the drawing of _Zuniceratops_? -  Or some other ceratopsian being passed off as _Zuni_?   The brachiasaur was somewhat Charles Knight-ish, and the Iguanodon was slightly more modern. 
    I thought that Chris handled himself very well - informed and at ease.  He even made an attempt to make a different joke about Bob Dole - called him "_Presidentialosuarus_".  (I suspect that he couldn't remember Bob Dole's name).  When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he answered  'an exopaleontologist' - i.e. someone who studies ancient extraterrestrial life.
    The best part of the segment, besides seeing the actual bone; was comparing Chris's love life with James Woods' - surprisingly similar!  :-)
        Allan Edels
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Subject: Tonight show Zuniceratops

Saw the segment on the Tonight Show with Christopher Wolfe and the _Zuniceratops christopheri_. Along with Jay Leno predictably butchering the dino's name, there were some pretty bad renderings of some dinosaurs (aside from the _Zuniceratops_ rendering, which looked pretty good) and the requisite Bob Dole joke. All in all, about what I expected from the Tonight Show. Oh, well.
-Chris Srnka