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Re: Tonight show Zuniceratops

In a message dated 10/28/98 3:42:06 PM EST, franczak@ntplx.net writes:

<< Sorry to have to be contrary, Allan, but neither of these statements
 holds water. The "brachiosaur" was a bloated caricature that resembled
 nothing so much as a balloon from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade;
 there was no similarity in either form or style to any work by Charles
 Knight. And as for the "Iguanodon" appearing "slightly more modern",
 even with the qualifier "slightly" I fail to see how you can say this,
 as it was depicted standing upright in the traditional (physically
 impossible) bent-tail Burian pose, a pose that went the way of the
 dinosaurs (pun intended) quite a number of years ago. >>

Agree completely. The illustrations were highly dated and uniformly awful.
Someone on the "Tonight" show is sadly misinformed about contemporary dinosaur
art and artists. Anyone on this list could have pointed Jay Leno to better
pictures in his or her sleep.