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Re: ceratopsians

K. Wicks wrote:

<First... has there been any Styracosaurus skull and Monoclonius skull
found in the same bone bed?  The idea of them being of male and female
sounds good. I was also looking on the net and found a very nice
picture that depicts the two together.>

  There's a report of a *Styracosaurus* bonebed in Alberta, on the
level of something like the *Einiosaurus*, where there are about 10
specimens, to a *Centrosaurus* bed of about 1,000.

  However, at first glance, the *M. lowei* and *M. dawsoni* are
perhaps referrable to *Centrosaurus*, and *M. crassus* is just this
>.< shy of being undiagnostic. It's frill, however, demonstrates that
it is the outgroup to the series that leads on up to *Styracosaurus*,
through *Centrosaurus*, and the others in the series ("centrosaur A",
*Einiosaurus*, *Achelousaurus*, and *Pachyrhinosaurus*) all show
closer similarities to *Styracosaurus* than to _any_ specimen of
*Monoclonius* except those possibly referable to *Centrosaurus*.

Jaime A. Headden

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