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Re: Tonight show Zuniceratops

> In a message dated 10/28/98 5:18:13 PM EST, MKIRKALDY@aol.com writes:
> << Since Christopher's father is a paleontologist, shouldn't it have been he?
>  If my son were to appear on a national television show talking about a
>  dinosaur I named for him, I would have made sure that I supplied the best
>  illustrations for the program to use.   >>

He was given the best illustration for Zuniceratops (greg Wenzal I do
believe). The Tonight Show, tryin to be funny, did the God awful

Chris did all right. Even correct Jay about Paleontology and
Archaeology. I saw the Wolfe's a few weeks ago and they were talking
about the Tonight Show. His mom was for it, his dad was skeptical,
because of how Jay trys to make fun of people.