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Re: Tonight show Zuniceratops

In a message dated 98-10-29 15:37:36 EST, Allan Edels wrote:

     When I said the brachiasaur was Charles Knight-ish, I was referring to
 the pose (It does look very bloated).  And by saying the _Iguanodon_ was
 slightly more modern, I meant - more modern than the Knight drawings - >>

  In the first place, Knight, to my knowledge, never restored a Brachiosaurus
nor an Iguanodon. Secondly, I keep hearing this myth repeated that Knight's
dinosaur restorations were "bloated". Which ones? Fill me in. From our current
perspective, some are certainly too vertical with sometimes overly long and
too-sinuous tails in contact with the ground. In some respects, especially in
respect to thigh musculature, they are too slender! For "very bloated"
dinosaur imagery one must look elsewhere. Dan Varner.