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Re: Tonight show Zuniceratops

Dan, etc.:

    The brachiasaur shown on the Tonight Show _was_ very bloated looking.
It is not by Knight, but the pose shown was reminiscent of Knight's
_Apatosaur_. I like Charles Knight's work, and was not denigrating HIM.

    Also, I meant that the _Iguanodon_ shown looked like it had been done
shortly _after_ the time of Knight's work, i.e. after the 1940's.

    Allan Edels

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Date: Thursday, October 29, 1998 5:17 PM
Subject: Re: Tonight show Zuniceratops

>In a message dated 98-10-29 15:37:36 EST, Allan Edels wrote:
>     When I said the brachiasaur was Charles Knight-ish, I was referring to
> the pose (It does look very bloated).  And by saying the _Iguanodon_ was
> slightly more modern, I meant - more modern than the Knight drawings - >>
>  In the first place, Knight, to my knowledge, never restored a
>nor an Iguanodon. Secondly, I keep hearing this myth repeated that Knight's
>dinosaur restorations were "bloated". Which ones? Fill me in. From our
>perspective, some are certainly too vertical with sometimes overly long and
>too-sinuous tails in contact with the ground. In some respects, especially
>respect to thigh musculature, they are too slender! For "very bloated"
>dinosaur imagery one must look elsewhere. Dan Varner.