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Re: Tonight show Zuniceratops

Allan Edels wrote:
> Brian, et al:_Zuniceratops_ is not known from a lot of material, 
> unfortunately, and
> >Greg Wenzel's illustration is, admittedly, somewhat speculative. It
> >should be known, however, that Greg based his illustration on a
> >description of the type specimen supplied by Jim Kirkland. Given the
> >rather sketchy nature of the _Zuniceratops_ material, Greg did, in fact,
> >balk at painting it, but faced with the choice of either doing it
> >himself or the possibility of a less-informed person supplying the
> >illustration, he reluctantly took the job. If and when more of the skull
> >(particularly the squamosal) of _Zuniceratops_ is found, our
> >understanding the animal will change, as will our concept of its life
> >appearance.

Just an update on Zuniceratops. We just prepped the third left maxilla
from the bone bed (large preorbital fenestra in all). We have much of
the frill. It appears simple (moch like Protoceratops. We have four
postorbitals bearing horns (1 from holotype & 3 from bonebed). The
lacrymal is unique in excluding squamosal from margin of orbit. We have
a beautiful premaxilla now that indicates the naris was much like that
of Protoceratops and Montanceratops. We have a perfect dentary and a
nasal to be prepared. We will have skull reconstructed by Spring. Lots
of postcrania.

Greg did a great job reconstructing the beast based on what we know
about the beast. However, as in all known more basal Neoceratopsians,
there appears to be no evidence for epoccipitals.

Jim Kirkland