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New Fall Books

The "Fall Books" section of the Atlanta Journal/Constitution today lists
three books which may be of interest to this list.

"_The Life of Birds_. By David Attenborough.  Princeton University.
$29.95.  The naturalist and filmmaker tours the globe looking at
birds and their habits in this book published in conjunction with 
the 1999 PBS series."  
[This is the series which was recently commented upon by John

"_What Remains to Be Discovered:  The Future of Science_.  By
John Maddox.  $25.  Free Press.  The former editor of Nature
magazine presents the questions that will occupy our greatest
thinkers in the coming years."  

"_Leonardo's Mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms:  Essays
on Natural History_.  By Stephen Jay Gould.  Harmony/Crown.  
$25.  One of our most consistently engaging scientific essayists 
offers a collection of his writings from Natural History magazine."