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ancient nesting site

COPIED FROM: InfoBeat - October 27, 1998I -    <mailto:news@infobeat.com>
news@infobeat.com Fossil reptile nests found in Petrified Forest WASHINGTON
(Reuters) - Dozens of fossilized reptile nests discovered in Arizona's
Petrified Forest may be the oldest fossils of their kind in the world,
scientists reported Monday. The nests - 62 bowl-like pits about 12 inches
wide and 18 inches deep - were found along the banks of an ancient, vanished
river system and are believed to be 220 million years old. That is about
twice the age of the next-oldest reptile nest fossils, the scientists said
in a statement released by the University of Colorado at Boulder. The nests
were probably made by ancient crocodile-like animals called phytosaurs,
armored reptiles known as aetosaurs and perhaps ancient turtles.
The Petrified Forest is a section of Arizona's Painted Desert known for its
petrified trees. ###