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Re: jp: Velociraptor in Montana

Sam Girouard wrote:
>     If you do a bit of research, you'll find that Velociraptor HAS been
>reported from Montana. Ken Carpenter identified baby Velociraptor sp. teeth
>and dentary fragments from the Hell Creek Formation (Carpenter 1982). If
>you consider Saurornitholestes, a velociraptorine dromaeosaur, to be a
>junior synonym of Velociraptor (as many do, ie Paul 1988b, the possibility
>of synonymy was noted by Sues 1978, and Currie et al. 1990), then
>Velociraptor langstoni is known from the Judith River group of Montana too.
>Teeth from the Two Medicine Fm. may be Velociraptor too, or a closely
>related animal.

To this list you might want to add:

Burnham,D.A.,Derstler, K.L., and Linster, C.J. 1997.  A new specimen of
Velociraptor (Dinosauria:Theropoda) from the Two Medicine Formation of
Montana. Dinofest International Proceedings 1997. pp. 73-75

Gorgeous little skeleton, though after reading this (admittedly
preliminary) report I felt a bit confused. The authors state that the
skeleton is similar to Velociraptor mongoliensis and declare that
Saurornitholestes langstoni is too poorly known for useful comparison.
However, they refer to the skeleton as Velociraptor cf. langstoni. Has any
more work been done on this specimen?

Brian Choo.

"Whatever is was...it was BIG..."