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Aussie Dromaeosaurid material

I've just received the 1998 Flat Rocks Site Report last night, from
Monash Uni here in Melbourne, Australia. The doctors Rich mention
in it that a dromaeosaurid ulna has been found in Victoria that seems
to indicate "an unusually large form" living alongside the smaller
dromaeosaurids (known from teeth, although the denticles only run
along the inside of the teeth, unlike true dromaeosaurs which seem
to have them on both edges). I thought this was interesting enough
to post. Although be warned - our first ornithomimid was reduced to
Theropoda Incertae Sedis, our oviraptorid skull elements are extremely
fragmentary, and our Allosaurs and Ceratopsians are known from just
a single bone each (not to mention that an old copy of the Dinosaurs
from China exhibition catalogue I have lists a labyrinthodon jaw
as that of an ankylosaur). Also, previous dromaeosaur material from
Western Australia is now considered by some as undiagnostic.

Uncertainties aside, it would be interesting to see how this new
find compares to Megaraptor, another apparently large dromaeosaurid-
like Gondwanan form.

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

        Australian Dinosaurs: