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Funny, my pigeonhole always fills right up with reprints every April 
1st. Here are the papers I received this year.....

BAKKER, R.T. 1999. Ponomarenko's bombshell: riding the fiery banana 
in the land of trombones - a new look at crest function in the 
fire-breathing _Parasaurolophus_. _JVP_ 19: 27A.

CHORVINSKY, M., DOWNES, J. & NAISH, D.W. 1999. Loren's paradigm and a 
bizarre new group of volant bipedal vertebrates from Cornwall, 
England. _The Sceptical Inquirer_ 40 (4): 26-35.

FEDUCCIA, A. & MARTIN, L. 1999. A firm, testable, explicit and wholly 
realistic alternative to the theropodan origin of birds. 
_Archaeopteryx_ 17: 14-30.

HOLTZ, T.R. & LUCAS, S. 1999. _Nomencockupamimus_, a new 
ornithomimosauroid (Thairopoda, Seeleyasauria) from the Triassic of 
Texas. _Geodiversitas_ 11: 101-119.

HOWSE, S. & MILNER, A.R. 1999. _Darrennaish_, a new generic name for 
the pterosaur _'Ornithodesmus' latidens_. _Palaeontology_  42: 

JI, Q., JI, S., CHIAPPE, L.M. & NORELL, M. 1999. New feather-bearing 
ceratopsians and sauropods from China. _Science_ 234: 1120-1125.

NESSOV, L.A. (the late) 1999. A new fauna of Cretaceous gallinaceous 
birds from the Kentucky Fried Local Fauna, New York. _Nature_ 402: 

OSTROM, J. 1999. The questionable validity of _Archaeopteryx_ and a 
positive reappraisal of _Protoavis_. _Archaeopteryx_ 17: 1-6.

PADIAN, K., HUTCHINSON, J.R. & HOLTZ, T.R. 1999. Phylogenetic 
definitions and nomenclature of Homotaxacumia (the human-dandelion 
clade) and Vombatocrucifera (the wombat-skunk cabbage clade). _JVP_ 
19: 169-180.

SERENO, P. 1999. Critical appraisal of a proposed moratorium on the 
creation of new ornithodiran clade names, with a new phylogenetic 
scheme for Dinosauria (Ornithodira, Cascadasauria, Cladoramia, 
Overthetopiasauria), featuring 60 newly diagnosed higher-level taxa. 
_N. Jh. Geol. Paleont., Ab._ 1999 (21): 325-340.

UPCHURCH, P., WILSON, J. & SERENO, P. 1999. Euhelopodid monophyly 
within the Somphospondyli (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) - lots of 
cladograms and no animosity. _Geobios_ 15: 202-280.

CARROLL, R. & SUES, H.-D. 1999.  A Silurian amphibian with feathers and a
dentary-squamosal jaw joint, with comments on the evolution of everything. 
_Ripley's Journal of Paleontology_ 164:  167-214.

RIEPPEL, O.  1999.  Turtles as aistopods:  new evidence from the Permian of
Sri Lanka.  _Paleoridiculology_ 17:  34-56.

FALWELL, J. & ROBERTSON, P. 1999.  Evolution is wrong:  hard, verifiable,
and testable evidence from the Lower Cretaceous of Texas. _Hardlyia_ 48: