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Re: Stromerosuchus

At 05:12 AM 4/1/99 EST, Al Debus (quoting the Masked Dinologist) wrote:

>At the 1998 meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology in Salt lake
>City,  I overheard some really cool discussions among some very famous
>paleontologists (in the lobby, at social events, the auction, etc.) regarding
>Spinosaurids.  The discussions were sparked by some recently published
>articles about Spinosaurids (like Suchomimus), but mainly by a revelation made
>at the meeting (see below).  Everything was supposed to be "top secret" until
>all the work was written up and published in a journal at some future date
>(while we true dino-lovers have to wait, as usual).  But luckily I'd brought
>along a small cassette recorder!

Now, come off it people!!  This is REALLY going too far.  I get on this list
and try and help people out and this is the thanks I get.  Just frigging great.

Yeah, good job folks.  Maybe you might actually want to WAIT until things
get published before quoting it.  The studies aren't even complete yet.

I REALLY don't care if you don the mantle of the 1rst Ammendment: there is a
*process* to science, and sometimes you just have to wait!  Sorry!!

Isn't there a glut enough of new discoveries out there to make you happy?

Geez, come off it folks.

Yeah, what a way to start the day... 

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