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Edmontosaurus annectens Verts

Greetings all.

We are looking for the number of vertebrate in an adult Edmontosaurus
annectens. The refs we have, and specimens, make this a confusing point.
Near Timber Lake, SD an articulated tail segment of E. annectens has 96
caudals, and our refs have that number well below that.

We are trying to assemble a coposite, and without these numbers we could
have a really screwed up specimen on display, and would like to avoid that.

Any help or citation would be welcomed.

By the way it's in the process of coming a blizzard here, nice April Fool's
day for us.

Thanks in advance,
Roger A. Stephenson
Assistant Director
Grand River Museum
Lemon, South Dakota
"Put the bunny, back in the box!"