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RE: Ornithopod toys [was: Re: Dinosaur TV Week]

--- Jeffrey Martz <jeffmartz@earthlink.net> wrote:
>       Which reminds me...
>       Who do I write off to these days to get my
> hands on some Battat dinosaurs?

I would urge anyone who wants to purchase these superb
models to *buy them from the guys who sculpted them.* 
Greg Wenzel and Dan LoRusso of the Dinosaur Studio were
sure to represent the animals in accord with current
theories of dinosaur morphology, not necessarily a
popular stance with toy companies!  Check out their
site, which offers pictures of the models as well as
ordering instructions:


Go into the catalog.  The Battat pieces are at the

I've seen many large expensive resin models of T. rex,
but Greg's little 1/40th scale model for Battat is my
favorite, hands down!

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