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Re: Mars Rock Contains Dinosaur Fossil (joke)

>The Jurassic Propulsion Laboratory announced today that a second 
>Mars rock has been located in Antarctica, containing a fully articulated 
>skeleton similar to _Tyrannosaurus rex_.  Theropod expert Thomas R. 
>Holtz, Jr. said in a telephone interview, "EEEK!!" and "Yikes," further 
>adding that the discovery advances dinosaur science a "buttload."
>The transfer of ejecta when bolides hit the Earth and Mars more than
>65 million years ago may be evidence of either convergent evolution, 
>with dinosaurs developing simultaneously on Mars, or that dinosaurs 
>evolved on Earth and then migrated to Mars, using feather-like structures 
>which previously were thought to be used for brooding, display or 
>Oregon State University researchers said, "What you have is a turbocharged 

Dear Mary, 
Very clever! Like the feature the New Yorker does where they weave the 
year's memorable phrases into a poem. I only miss a reference to 
"sadistics." :> 

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