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Re: Stromerosuchus

>Now, come off it people!!  This is REALLY going too far.  I get >on this
list and try and help people out and this is the thanks >I get.  Just
frigging great.

I hope this is mock anger, Thom. This "Stromerosuchus" has to be a 4/1 joke.

However, anyone who would do such a thing in reality should have an estwing
implanted in a choice area of thier anatomy. As a preparator I have an
obvious reason not to blab stuff I'm privy to. Any "true dinosaur lover"
would follow the professional code of conduct. 

Other amateurs- be careful what you repeat! I've slipped up and blabbed
somthing I didn't realize was 'secret'. Lucky for me, it didn't matter since
the other person was in the loop, too. I harmlessly learned my lesson, but I
could of lost the trust that I value, too. 

-Sherry Michael 

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