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Just received a copy of Padian, Hutchinson, and Holtz's excellent new
paper on theropod taxonomy (thanks, Patrick Norton!). I notice that, under
their review of the usage of Oviraptorosauria, they list two definitions,
both published in 1997:

Sues: {_Oviraptor_ + _Chirostenotes_(=_Caenagnathus_)}
Currie & Padian: {_Oviraptor_ > Aves}

They opt for Sues' definition, but on my site I'd like to use the one that
was published first -- does anyone know which one came out first in 1997?

Also, and I guess Tom can answer this better than anyone else on the list,
why do they advocate anchoring clades with eponymous genera, then define
Abelisauroidea as {_Carnotaurus_ > _Ceratosaurus_}? (Not that it probably
matters much, but ...)

Hmm... looks like Abelisauroidea includes Abelisauria (=={Abelisauridae +
_Noasaurus_} Novas, 1991) ...

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