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request for references: mass mortality of dinosaur eggs


I apologize for any cross postings.  

I'm finishing up my thesis research on the
paleoenvironment of lambeosaur nesting ground in
north-central Montana.  The geology (nest
correlation, stratigraphy, facies analysis, etc.),
paleoenvironment and paleogeography are
essentially completed.  From this data, I have
determined that all nests were preserved very near
the banks of small and very large river channels.

The final chapter of my thesis involves the mass
mortality of embryos within their eggs by two
different processes.  

1) burial and subsequent suffocation of embryos by
flood deposits 

2) burial and subsequent suffocation of embryos by
a thick ash fall deposit 

The deadline for completion of the thesis is
rapidly approaching.  Could any of you recommend
references of modern egg-laying animals, whose
eggs were buried by flood deposits or ash falls? 
I am especially interested in modern analogs which
typically nest close to rivers, such as crocodiles
or birds.  I have Hayward, J.L., K.F Hirsch and
T.C. Robertson's(1991) reference; Rapid
dissolution of Avian Eggshells Buried by Mount St.
Helens Ash.  

Any references regarding reports of dinosaur eggs
which were buried by flood deposits or ash fall
deposits would also be greatly appreciated. 
By reading all of your posts, I am gaining a great
deal of new information and ideas. Thank you for
sharing this information in this public forum.

I sincerely thank you in advance for any
references you can offer me!  
Vickie Clouse clousev@yahoo.com

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