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CNN: china dinosaurs in S africa

This is a CNN custom news article.  If the URL doesn't work for you try
registering at CNN.com to access the article.  It's free and they do not

China Holds Dinosaur Exhibition in S. Africa
 Xinhua        01-APR-99

 JOHANNESBURG (April 1) XINHUA - A Chinese dinosaur museum is holding a
unique dinosaur exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

 On display are eight complete dinosaur fossil skeletons and about 90
pieces of fossil specimens of dinosaurs and other animals. 

 The exhibition is the first ever of its kind in South Africa and is
expected to attract quite a lot of visitors, said Hilary Bruce, director
of Museum Africa, where the display is being held. 

 All the articles are from Zigong Dinosaur Museum of Sichuan, China, the
biggest in Asia. 

 The fossils of the dinosaurs on display, which lived in the middle of
the Jurassic Period, are rare in other parts of the world, according to
Peng Guangzhao, deputy director of the Zigong Dinosaur Museum. 

 At an opening ceremony Thursday afternoon, Chairman of South Africa's
National Arts Council, John Kani, said the exhibition has special
significance to Africans as Africans did not record their history in
writing. Such exhibitions, therefore, can be very informative and
educational, he said. 

 The exhibition, which is part of the Sino-South African cultural
exchange program, will run until July 1. 
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