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Suchomimus prey?

I don't remember if anyone has brought this up or suggested it, so if
they have, please forgive me...There was some speculation about
Suchomimus eating termites or other types of insects, right? But the big
question was, how could such a large animal sustain itself on as an
insectivore? (This is in reference to the speculation about the purpose
of the large arms and hand claws being similar to that of an anteater)
     Would it have been possible that larger burrowing animals were
Suchomimus' prey? I mean, rather than insects, perhaps some small or
medium sized burrowing vertebrates? Are any known from Suchomimus' time
and locality? Is this even plausible?

Once again proving that I really know precious little about dinosaurs
and their ecology...
-Chris Srnka