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Re: New Publication

At 03:53 PM 4/2/99 -0500, Danvarner@aol.com wrote:
>interested. It's _The 1999 Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of 
>Science_ (to be available April 15). It includes papers based on a symposium 
>entitled: The Paleontologic and Geologic Record of North Dakota - Important 
>Sites and Current Interpretations.
>  And here's the one that will get most of you running for your checkbooks:
>  Kirk R. Johnson, _The Reconstruction of Ancient Landscapes: An Example from 
>the Late Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota_
Aieee!  Now I'll have to come up with another idea for a PhD thesis!

[Well, actually I was going to be a wee bit more ambitious, but that was
probably unrealistic].

May the peace of God be with you.         sarima@ix.netcom.com