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Whereabouts of C.H. Sternberg 1917 Fieldnotes?


 As part of our ongoing attempt to relocate and document old fossil quarries
in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada, I am in need of C.H. (not
C.M.) Sternberg's fieldnotes for 1917. They would probably be labelled as
"Steveville, 1917", or "Deadlodge Canyon, 1917" (both now part of Dinosaur
Provincial Park). While C.H.'s son Charles M. did mark (with a "quarry
stake" set in concrete) a large number of quarries in 1936 and I have been
marking our own quarries since 1981, I have recently tried and had
spectacular success in identifying old "mystery quarries" in the Park. These
are sites (numbering in the dozens so far) with no quarry marker, but by
using old photographs, old fieldnotes, quarry garbage (bottles, jars, and
especially newspaper), I have been able to positively identify 5 1922
quarries (Chicago Field Museum) and several other sites already. By doing
this, not only is the exact locality of a given specimen thus identified,
the photographs themselves can be identified beyond the usual next to
useless caption "Digging dinosaur, Steveville Badlands".

 I have found a mystery quarry with 1917 newspaper scraps in Dinosaur Park.
I marked on a map all known (staked) quarries by collector/year and noticed
a distinct "cluster effect", whereby a certain collector worked a very
specific region of the Park each field season. My hypothesis is that any
mystery quarry found within a cluster of quarries known to have been worked
by the same person and in the same year is therefore most likely to have
been also worked at the same time and by the same individual. This
hypothesis has been proven correct in several instances. My 1917 mystery
quarry falls within the C.H. Sternberg 1917 "cluster". If I had his
fieldnotes, I could, by process of elimination, and using other clues
available to me, figure out what the quarry once held.

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 Darren Tanke
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