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Re: Suchomimus prey?

Dinno Pigdon wrote:

<Personally, I suspect that spinosaurids' thumb claws
were for defense rather than gathering prey. Modern
crocs often snap each others upper or lower jaws
completely off, and I suspect that the even narrower
(relatively, perhaps even absolutely) jaws of
spinosaurs were probably not built for attacking (or
defending against) other predators of similar size (or
each other). Hence the large size of spinosaurids
(making a more imposing sight) and their over-sized
thumb claws may have detered attack from other
predators in order to save them having to risk their
specialised snouts from damage.>

And Berislav Krcic wrote:

<There was a number of theropods, whose thumb claws
were oversized - true, not (always) to the extend as
in spinosaurids, but the pattern of three-fingered
clawed hand was widespread...>

  I doubt personally that *Spinosaurus* would have
much difficulty in the snout arena, being much more
deeply and robustly constructed cranially than the
other spinosaurs. While the teeth may have been
straiter, there is an obvious advantage in being so
well-built that large manual claws will only be
"ancestral appendages;" *Spinosaurus* was probably the
*Allosaurus* of its day, being arch-theropod (though
-predator is probably not in total good taste).

  Anyway, the listing of giant-thumbed theropods goes

  *Baryonyx,* *Dryptosaurus,* *Spinosaurus,*
*Suchomimus,* *Torvosaurus*

  (*Megalosaurus,* *Angaturama,* *Irritator,*
*Cristatusaurus* (n.d.), *Xuanhanosaurus,*
*Poekiloplueron,* and *Magnosaurus* by inferrence; and
I would add *Deltadromeus* based on similarities to

  Such that the claw was (as Sereno et al. 1998
suggest) an anscestral feature and may probably have
had nothing to do with fish. So gentle-jawed giants,
wave your arms in fearsome display as we say adieu to
our spinosaurs! (Can you tell I'm working with spinos

- Greek proverb: "Knowledge is Inherent;
  Stupidity is Learned." -

Jaime A. Headden

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