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Re: [Can any one get me information on Carcharonontosaurus Saharicus?]

megaraptor <megaraptor@geocities.com> wrote:
> I just want some more info on Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus than a
> article in Popular Science about Sereno and  his discovery.
> --MegaRaptor

_C.saharicus_ is another contender for largest theropod. It's dimensions seem
to place it in the same rank as _Giganotosaurus carolinii_.

I also remember reading that _C.saharicus_ and _G.carolinii_ shared so manh
similarities that (in conjunction with the land bridge between South America
and Africa) they are thought to perhaps be either the same species or same

BTW nice to see you made it:

Archosaur J (Jurassosaurus)

Jurassosaurus's Reptipage: A page devoted to the study of the reptilia


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