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Enantiornithes questions

Hi all.  I am writing a paper for a graduate ornithology seminar.  I
have chosen the Enantiornithes, since I don't know much about them and
would like to know more.  I have hit a snag and am hoping someone could
help me.  I initially went thru the new Chatterjee book to see what he
had to say and to make a preliminary list of taxa that are considered to
enantiornithine birds.  He lists _Confusiusornis_ as an enanti (p. 98),
yet shows in a cladogram in chapter 10 that _Confusiusornis_ is in a
group with _Archaeopteryx_ and has a separate branch labeled

Then a few days ago, I get my new JVP about a new confusiusornithid
bird, and am all excited thinking I can include up to date, brand new
info in my paper, and I realize that the authors do not have
_Confusciusornis_ listed as an enanti, but as something else, I believe
it was Metornithes.  I am inclined to believe this new article, mainly
because Chatterjee, in my opinion, contradicted himself.  I also thought
it was possible that the find was so new at the time Chatterjee went to
press that enanti seemed valid for _Confusciusornis_ at that point.  Can
anyone clarify this for me?  Is it something that is up in the air with
one group of people saying enanti and the other saying "no!"?  Anyone
have some refs that I might be able to get ahold of in a reasonable
amount of time?  Would it be reasonable of me to include
_Confusciusornis_, whether enanti or not, in the paper and discuss the
taxonomic confusion?

I appreciate any help you can give me.  Thanks.

Lauri L. Bartlema
Curatorial Assistant
Conservation Division
Directorate of Environment
Fort Bliss, Texas