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Re: Family Nemegtosauridae

In a message dated 4/6/99 4:10:17 PM EST, dollan@cyberport.net writes:

<< Can someone tell me who first established the family Nemegtosauridae,
 and when they did? >>

Here's the present listing in unpublished manuscript from Mesozoic 
Meanderings #2 third edition:

Family: NEMEGTOSAURIDAE       Upchurch, 1995
            Census: 3 genera (1 doubtful),             3 species (1 doubtful)

        = "Diplodocoidea" Upchurch, 1995 (not 1994) [nomen nudum; in part]
        = Diplodocoidea Barrett & Upchurch, 1995 [nomen nudum; in part]
        = Diplodocoidea Upchurch, 1995 [in part]
        = Nemegtosauridae Barrett & Upchurch, 1995 [nomen nudum]

Genus: Mongolosaurus Gilmore, 1933 [nomen dubium]
= Mongolisaurus Young, 1935 [sic]
M. haplodon Gilmore, 1933?
= Mongolisaurus haplodon Young, 1935 [sic]
= Mongolosaurus hoplodon Young, 1935 [sic]
= Mongolisaurus hoplodon Zhao, 1980 [sic]

Genus: Nemegtosaurus Nowinski, 1971
= Nemagtosaurus McIntosh, Coombs & D. A. Russell, 1992 [sic]
= Nemegitosaurus Suteethorn, Martin, Buffetaut, Triamwichanon & Chaimanee, 
1995 [sic]
N. mongoliensis Nowinski, 1971?
= Opisthocoelicaudia mongoliensis (Nowinski, 1971) Paul, 1996
N. pachi Dong, 1977 [nomen dubium]
NOTE: This genus was excluded from Dicraeosauridae, where it was initially 
classified, by Salgado & Calvo (1992), and it was made the type of its own 
family by Upchurch (1995).

Genus: Quaesitosaurus Bannikov & Kurzanov vide Kurzanov & Bannikov, 1983
= Qaesitosaurus Salgado & Calvo, 1992 [sic]
= Questiosaurus Tatarinov, 1982 [sic]
= Questosaurus Carroll, 1988 [sic]
Q. orientalis Bannikov & Kurzanov vide Kurzanov & Bannikov, 1983?
NOTE: This genus was excluded from Dicraeosauridae, where it was originally 
classified, by Salgado & Calvo (1992), and it was included in Nemegtosauridae 
by Upchurch (1995).

Genus: [To be described from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia; based on 
postcranial remains presently on display at the Paleontological Institute of 
the USSR Academy of Sciences; may prove to be Quaesitosaurus or 
Nemegtosaurus; P. J. Currie, pers. comm.]

The family is defined in this paper

Upchurch, P., 1995. "The evolutionary history of sauropod dinosaurs," 
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B 349: 365?390.

but the name was first used in print a few weeks earlier by Barrett & 

Barrett, P. M. & Upchurch, P., 1995. "Sauropod feeding mechanisms: Their 
bearing on palaeoecology," in Sun A. & Wang Y., eds., Sixth Symposium on 
Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems and Biota, Short Papers, China Ocean Press, 
Beijing: 107-110.